The 9 Most Useful Tips on How to Travel with a Cat

How to travel with a cat

Many people prefer traveling with their pets, and if you are one of them, it’s time to reacquaint your loving cat a few weeks before the flight. It is advantageous for you and your loving travel partner. Begin with the following tips for a comfortable plane ride:

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how to travel with a cat: visit the vet

Visit the vet

Before going on any trip, airplane, or car, take your pet to the veterinarian. Make sure that your cat is healthy and safe for travel. There are no doctors on the plane, and you do not wish to inconvenience fellow passengers. Let the veterinarian examine your cat in detail. The doctor will ensure the cat is up to date on all vaccinations.

The doctor will complete your pet’s health certificate, mentioning the cat is healthy and inoculated with the correct vaccinations. The health certificate is usually required 10 days before the flight, so check in with the airline company you intend to fly with.

The next tip on how to travel with a cat involves purchasing an airline-approved pet carrier. You cannot take your cat or any pet bare on the flight. This is in strict violations of the security and health guidelines the airline company must adhere to.

The cat’s carrier must be made of long-lasting fabric such as nylon. It must be well-ventilated so the animal does not suffocate and must have a zipped-up top for easy accessibility. A portable animal container is durable without taking much space. Usually, airplane companies will post guidelines for travelers who wish to travel with their pets.

cat carrier

Cat and carrier relationship

You must allow the cat to become familiar with the carrier a few weeks before the flight. When you have introduced the carrier, allow the cat to live more actively in it. Treat it as a new home. The cat will not welcome the carrier if it’s rudely introduced.

By placing his favorite food or toys inside the carrier, you can do so. As soon as the cat steps inside, close the doors and let the cat feel acquainted. Do not feel bad. The current challenging time will make the entire plane ride comfortable for everyone involved.

Car rides

Once your pet cat is comfortable in its new carrier, the next tip on how to travel with a cat involves taking them on a car ride. You may begin with short rides so the cat does not become agitated and increase the duration as you see fit. The car will mimic the future airplane ride.

Continue motivating the cat by offering them treats at the end of every car ride for being obedient. Pick a comfortable location for the car ride so your cat cooperates. Potential destinations may include cat parks, swings, cat food stores, or even back home.

Acquaint the cat to loud noises

We all know how scary and noisy a plane can be. When your car has become acquainted with car rides and the ambiance, the next tip on traveling with a cat involves getting the pet acquainted with the airplane environment and noise.

Take the cat outside of the airport and let their minds register the air travel commotion. Keep your pet company. You take the cat inside the airport at the visitor’s lounge and reward your cat by giving them a treat when you reach home. Practice this tip a few weeks before your flight.

trim cats nails

Trim the cat’s nails

Cat’s nails are very dangerous. The nails could ruin the nylon construction of the carrier bag as it can use them to scratch the new carrier to escape. It can be self-harming to your loving pet. While the doctor has your pet examined, add nail cutting to the appointment to make your life easier.

Trim your cat’s nails every 10 to 14 days regardless of the travel. The cat’s claws are incredibly dangerous because of their sharpness and pointy tip. If you are traveling for longer than expected, take a pair of nail clippers with you.

Cat’s neck tag

You would want to mention particulars regarding you and your cat if the pet will be traveling in cargo space. Mention your name, your address, and the destination address. Don’t forget to mention contact information, because it is the most essential. It may include phone numbers, hotel name where you are staying, or next of kin contact, just to be sure.

In addition to the particulars mentioned above, mention “Live Animal” on the carrier. Place this label inside and outside out of the carrier as a safety precaution. The live animal tag will ensure proper handling and keep the cat carrier separate from the luggage and together with other pets.

book a flight

Book flight in advance

Many airlines are pet-friendly. However, they are limited spots for pet carriers, so book the flight in advance to make sure you travel with your pet cat. The proposed booking time is at least a month before the flight. You must make sure the airline accepts traveling with pets before making the flight. You can do so using a phone call or email.

Traveling with a cat may cause extra. The airline company will charge you above the ticket prices to accommodate the carrier and the pet travel. You must also inquire about the locator number on your cat’s tag to ensure pet safety and tracking.

Feeding the cat

The last tip on how to travel with a cat involves food. Cats need to be fed regularly. However, that may be a challenge when traveling thousands of feet in the air. Therefore, feed your pet cat at least four hours before the flight. Adjust the mealtime when you prepare it for travel, so it is not an issue nearing the flight.

Feed the cat after you reach your destination or hotel room. Offer the pet cat water before an hour of your flight. Moreover, once you have fed it before the flight, as suggested, do not feed the cat again.

Final words on how to travel with a cat

Each cat is unique in its behavior and feeding pattern. It may run straight out the car front door when you are acquainting it for car rides, or it may not eat at the time you want. Therefore, stay patient and practice caution when the cat becomes agitated.

For more information about traveling with pets, check out CDC’s website.

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