Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas?

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Are you planning a trip to Mexico and wonder: is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas? Well, I have prepared a few tips for you to stay safe while traveling to Mexico.

About Los Cabos

The scene of a huge desert, the wonderful beaches, and the intense action attract tourists to the narrower end of the Baja Peninsula, where the turquoise waters of the Gulf of California meet the Pacific Ocean. Deep-sea fishing is famous all over the world. Less than three hours by plane from the main US airports and easily accessible from La Paz, on the highway across the peninsula, Cabo has now lost its isolation, but not the allure where the desert meets the sea.

In the 1940s, Hemingway and John Wayne came to Cabo San Lucas by private jet to hunt and fish, when the town had only humble houses and nameless dusty streets.

By 1960, a lot of comfortable hotels, overlooking the sea, appeared among the pipe cacti and thorny ocotillo. A few decades later, with investments of several million dollars, Cabo San Lucas developed without meaning to mature: in nightclubs like Squid Roe or The Giggling Marlin, a lot of Americans drink shots of tequila and dance on the counter. The warm weather, the relaxed atmosphere, and the excellent sports facilities attract all kinds of tourists to the end of one of the longest peninsulas in the world.

Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the corridor between them were called Los Cabos.

Things to do in Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos

Modern hotels and several golf courses, with relatively high prices, stretch on the beach corridor of almost 37 kilometers, north of Cabo San Lucas. The hotels located along the corridor have their own beaches and their owners do everything they can to please those who do not want to travel, which is not bad, given that a taxi ride in a relatively isolated area starts at $ 20. With countless swimming pools, bars, and restaurants, but also with spas and gyms, these vacation places offer a variety of activities for tourists to enjoy. If you want to explore the places around the hotel, you will have to think about renting a car.

The San Jose del Cabo Monastery was founded by the Jesuits in the 18th century. It is located in the recently remodeled square, being the most famous church, with the interior painted white, with golden accents. The boutiques and restaurants in the houses built in the 19th century stretch around the square. The galleries are located on Alvaro Obregon Street and the surrounding streets, but out of season, they are usually closed (or close very early). While Cabo San Lucas has a small harbor and a noisy nightlife, San Jose has a typical Mexican air. And here there is its own port, Puerto Los Cabos.

Currently, the largest private port in Mexico is a true cactus sanctuary, presenting opportunities for home developers.

To the south, towards San Lucas, the beaches of Costa Azul and Acapulco are preferred by surfers, while at a short distance, Playa Palmilla is the best beach among those recommended for swimming. Go on your own or on an organized tour to Chileno Bay or Santa Maria Bay, the two best places for snorkeling. Usually, the related equipment is also available.

The quiet Playa Medano, located in a bay in Cabo San Lucas, is known for its many water sports. Ski, catamaran, or banana boat enthusiasts come in large numbers, while those lying on the sand or in the restaurants on the beach enjoy the view of the Land’s End arch. Under the rock arch, which is a real emblem for Cabo, called El Arco, is Playa del Amor, a beach accessible to taxis on the water or through organized excursions. Many secluded beaches can be reached by ATV or four-wheeled vehicles.

The rocky openings of the bay make it a great place for diving. At a depth of 27 meters, there are mysterious sand falls, seemingly endless waterfalls, created as the stretches of fine sand flow into the deep water. Sportfishing, however, remains the most important activity in Los Cabos. Hundreds of enthusiasts gather here every October to take part in Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Contest. The competition lasts three days, and the prize is one million dollars. Although the best season for swordfish fishing is from June to September, fishing can still be practiced all year round, for the plasmid with thorns, tuna, sea bream, and other fish.

Particularly popular with immigrants, the old missionary town of Todos Santos, located 65 km north of Cabo San Lucas, has a large bookstore and several very good hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. Hiking on the peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna massif, relatively untrodden, can be organized at hotels in the area, or at tour operators in Los Cabos.

About Cabo San Lucas

It ‘s located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Cabo is a popular and varied destination that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding tourists.

Cabo San Lucas is a vibrant city, full of life for fishermen, locals, tourists, cruise ships, artisans, water sports enthusiasts, and nightlife fans. If you want an outdoor adventure, then Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination for you.

Cabo is divided into three districts: San Jose del Cabo, Old Town, and Cabo San Lucas. Each district has a special charm. San Jose combines modern and bright resorts with historic and ancient Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is the “main city”, is largely focused on entertainment and parties.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience, with an active nightlife and a lot of dining options, then you must visit Cabo San Lucas at least once.

Cabo San Lucas weather

The Cabo San Lucas weather is very hot. It is essentially a tropical desert. Rain is rare and humidity is very low. The water temperature is 21 in winter and 27 in summer. The clothes you will take in your luggage depend a lot on the time of year chosen for your stay.

Peso is the official currency in Mexico. Currency exchange offices can be found at the airport. ATMs are widespread and accept all major credit cards. Large hotels will change currency, but generally at a lower rate.

Cabo San Lucas transport

In Cabo, taxis are available and rates are negotiable. One of the best and most interesting ways to travel in Cabo is to rent a motorcycle.

Shopping in Cabo San Lucas

If you wonder is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas, then you might be interested in shopping too. Whether you prefer to bargain for traditional products, in an open-air market, or feel better in a modern mall, Cabo really has something for every buyer. This shopping paradise abounds with boutiques, souvenir shops, suppliers of clothing, fine jewelry, art galleries, and local crafts.

Many of the shops are centered in the main square and church areas. Specialty boutiques offer numerous products. The wonderful architecture, the charming ambiance, and the small cafes will make your shopping trip enjoyable and unforgettable.

Los Cabos Water

Safety travel warnings for Mexico

Are you planning a vacation to Mexico? If you are, then you must keep in mind that it is a country with a higher risk of safety than others. Some locations in Mexico have no restrictions and are relatively safer. However, you should consider certain things if you want to travel to Mexico.

If you travel by car, try to travel during the day and avoid side and side streets. When possible, you should try to use the main toll roads.

Mexico is a country where the population has financial problems, so if you like accessories and jewelry, try not to keep them in sight. In the case of money, try not to highlight the fact that you have cash with you.

When you want to withdraw money from your credit or debit card, always check the ATM and the surroundings. Some ATMs can be modified to record card data and PIN. If you notice something wrong with the ATM, it is advisable to look for another one and not to take unnecessary risks.

If you like nightlife, clubs, and bars, it is good to pay attention to who is near you. It is better to be careful and prevent than to be sorry.

Cabo Rocks

Tips to stay safe in Cabo San Lucas

As I said before, Mexico is a country with a higher safety risk, however, Cabo San Lucas is considered a safe destination for tourists and travelers. To reduce the risk of a less pleasant event, you can follow the tips below.

As much as possible, try not to leave the resort or the surroundings of the property where you are staying, and try to stay in the tourist areas. Avoid venturing into less populated areas or side streets.

If you want to travel long distances and need a taxi, order one only from the hotel. It’s the safest way to call a taxi.

When you pay, always be careful not to show that you have cash with you, and in the hotel, try to keep your valuables in a safe.

If you have the option, try to travel with other tourists in groups. This advice is especially addressed to women but also applies to men.

Whenever you go out, try your best to keep your credit cards, cash money, and documents separately. If you can, hold the inside of your jacket or in a hidden bag or pouch. This way, it is more difficult for anyone to have access to them.

Is it safe to travel to cabo san lucas - beach safety

Stay safe at the beach

If you are heading for the beach, follow the steps below and get rid of the “is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas” question out of your head. It’s time to relax, so check out the tips below to stay safe.

As you probably know, Cabo San Lucas is a perfect destination if you want to relax on the beach, in the sun, or enjoy the water. In Mexico, the beaches are different from those in the United States or Europe you may be used to.

One of the risk factors for beaches in Mexico is that there are no lifeguards. Some resorts and hotels have medical staff, but no lifeguards. Although the rocks and corals are beautiful, you should not venture to jump off rocks or swim close to the corals. Jumping off rocks can be dangerous if you don’t know what’s under the water’s surface, and corals, although they don’t look like them, are very sharp and can cause quite serious injuries.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in Mexico temperatures can exceed 33 ° C, which means that there is a high risk of dehydration, especially in the case of alcohol consumption. So make sure you have enough moisturizers when you go to the beach, and try to avoid noon hours when the sun is very strong.

Cabo San Lucas has many beaches, and some of them can be more dangerous than others. In some areas, the water is not as friendly as it seems. If you see that the water is swirling, with big waves, it is good to avoid bathing because the currents can be dangerous even for experienced swimmers. If you are heading for beaches where there are big waves and currents, there are usually warnings and signs that indicate the risks you are exposed to. So, if you want to practice water sports, make sure you do it in a place for these sports.

You should keep in mind that the UV index in the hottest period is 12, which means you need protection. As with other hot destinations, don’t forget to use sunscreen as high as possible.

Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas - Cabo Resort

Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas: Conclusions

To sum things up, Mexico might have a higher safety risk, but if you follow some basic rules, you will have the best holiday ever. When it comes to certain destinations like Cabo San Lucas, which is a famous tourist destination, the risk of anything bad happening is even lower.

Most of the tourist that visited Cabo San Lucas say they did not felt any threats or different than any other tourist destination. Of course, there are some exceptions, but this happens in all the tourist destinations. People that want to take advantage of tourists relaxing are everywhere, so it is up to you to do your best to stay safe.

I hope this answers the question: is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas?

If you know anyone that is planning to travel to Cabo San Lucas, share this article with them. It might help them enjoy their vacation without asking if it is a safe destination.

For more information about Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos, check out their official website here. I have prepared other travel tips and travel guides, so make sure to check them out.

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