Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico?

is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Caribbean. However, is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico? Like any country, there are various things you should do to stay safe. If you follow these traveling tips, to ensure your safety:

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Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico: Old San Juan

Monitoring Coronavirus and its mutants

The widespread vaccination campaign has made it easier to travel to Puerto Rico. However, whether it is safe to travel to Puerto Rico factors your departure airport and your medical history. Mainly speaking, the USA residents that have been fully vaccinated are not required to display their negative coronavirus tests upon entering Puerto Rico.

However, they must present their vaccination certificate by obtaining a QR code from the Puerto Rican health ministry. The code is available on the website alongside the travel declaration form. However, different age groups have other guidelines to follow to minimize transmission.

Any infant over the age of two who enters Puerto Rico internationally must carry a negative PCR COVID-19 test. Since the vaccines are not available on infants and toddlers, this is the only control available to identify the presence of the virus in the presented age group. The coronavirus test must be taken three days before the light and uploaded to the online portal, or it will not be deemed authentic.

Once the travelers have gone through the usual departure process and luggage assessment, each individual will be provided a QR code and an exit confirmation. This unique number monitors and updates their health state if travelers contract the virus.


Puerto Rico houses 3.3 million, which may not seem a huge number. Her cities, such as San Juan, are densely populated with diverse cultures and ways of living. The bitter truth is that crime will become eminent when a high-density population rate is high.

Petty theft

International travelers may experience petty theft in the streets. Pick-pocketing and robberies are common. Travelers are constantly advised to not leave their wallets and valuables unattended. Use the buddy system if you are going out at night. Do not take lonely strolls on the beach at nighttime. Whenever you travel abroad, stay aware of your surroundings.

There is no need to prove your courage or brevity when traveling to Puerto Rico. Stay away from shady or sinister regions of the cities, period.

Stay away from Louis Lloren Torres as this is the hub of crime-related activities. It may look appealing to the eyes with well-kept balconies and high-rise buildings, but appearances can be deceiving.

Stay far away from La Perla and Puerta de Tierra. Avoid Isla Verde, Old San Juan, Condado, and Miramar neighborhoods. The local police constantly monitor these areas, and being a foreigner can have dangerous consequences. Crimes are a significant factor when deciding if it is safe to travel to Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico also has a high homicide rate. However, authorities relate it to gang violence, drug trade, or both. Therefore, it is advised to always stay cautious. You may become a star witness or target of the wrong company if you misjudge characters. Do not be at the wrong place at the wrong time while you travel to Puerto Rico.

Car theft

One of the major crimes in Puerto Rico is car theft. It is a persistent activity that makes one think about how safe traveling to Puerto Rico is. It is more of an issue if you plan on renting the car or avoiding public transport. Booking a vehicle is relatively more straightforward since public transportation is full of pickpockets.

However, do not leave the vehicle unattended if you decide to book a car. You must leave it as empty as can be. The thieves will leave your car alone if it is devoid of all treasures. Take your phone, wallet, and other valuables with you when you exit the vehicle. Additionally, park your car in an illuminated area.


Individuals above the age of 18 can drink freely. Therefore, it is a favorite destination for college students since they cannot drink until age 21. The country is mainly visited by college students on their spring break. Of course, you would need a valid identification card to purchase drinks for the restaurant and bars.

You would find it odd that it is rude to drink in public. It is considered an offense if you drink in streets, roads, or outside eating establishments.

Drunk driving is also a very major crime in Puerto Rico. You could face severe financial penalties and jail time if you drink under the influence.

Travel guidelines for women

Women must also consider many factors when thinking about the safety of traveling to Puerto Rico. According to embassy guidelines, women must not travel or walk alone in Puerto Rico, especially foreign women. While traveling, the women must practice some safety precautions. They must not leave their valuables unattended. Keep them in the hotel safe, and do not share the access code with anyone.

If they experience someone idly following them or any suspicious activity in proximity, head straight to the police station or your country’s embassy. They will offer you protection and keep you safe until the matter is resolved entirely.

Natural disasters

Puerto Rico is also very susceptible to natural disasters. Because of its geographical location, Puerto Rico experiences earthquakes, hurricanes, and rarely, volcanic eruptions. The country is still recovering from the major disaster in 2017 called Hurricane Maria.

Moreover, in 2020, the country was hit by a vast scale earthquake that damaged buildings, ruined homes, and caused colossal scale physical injuries. The Puerto Rican government introduced a state of emergency to battle the earthquake aftermath. Even though the country struggled, it maintained its tourist industry operational to bring in reserves and provide employment to its people. Puerto Rico thrives on revenue from tourism.

Final thoughts about tourist safety in Puerto Rico

Suppose you are exploring Puerto Rico, adhere to the guidelines provided by your embassy. It will make the stay wonderful and memorable. Regardless of the places you visit, always keep your valuables with you. Never take lonesome strolls to enjoy the moonlight on the beach, share your room key with anyone, and invite strangers inside.

For more information about this exotic destination, check out their official website.

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