Who we are

We are two brothers that love to travel the world and share our thoughts about each destination we see. Join us on our journey and discover the world with us one step at a time.

We are two brothers, Radu (the older) and Vlad (the younger), who live in Romania but were both born in different cities. We grew up traveling extensively as children, which has given us an appreciation for international culture, languages, food, architecture, etc. It also has made it hard to stay still long enough to settle down into just one place of residence or occupation!

We started traveling at a young age with our parents. Since then, our lives have revolved around travel, wherever it may take us. All of these experiences have led us to start this blog about the world travel tips that will help you plan your trip and experience a better time while abroad!

Anywhere is a great place to travel if you make the most out of it. If you don’t, then it might as well be anywhere in the world.

Our mission

The most important thing about traveling is preparation. You can have a brilliant time exploring new places even if you are on a budget or only have limited time there. We will give you our travel tips for finding cheap flights, getting around without being scammed or ripped off, and how to have a sensible budget. We want you to travel smarter so that you can enjoy your trip more!

This blog deals with all aspects of the journey – from the moment we plan a trip until we go home again – but our main focus is on traveling between countries. In each new place, we do our best to get a local perspective of the areas around us and discover history, culture, or some natural wonder that makes that destination unique. We want you to see the world through our eyes while enjoying a piece of our travel experience.

What we do

We try to highlight different destinations with each post rather than focusing on a specific place. We want you to be able to use this blog as a reference for all the destinations you have in mind, not just one or two. It doesn’t matter if we talk about a remote island in Micronesia or a big European city – the tips are universal and will help you find your way around anywhere!

With this blog, we want to inspire everyone to travel more. We believe that if you have the opportunity to visit different places, you should do everything in your power to take advantage of it!

Even if you are only able to see a few things on vacation or go on a small business trip once or twice per year, you can still travel smart and have an amazing time. We want to share our perspective with you so that your next trip is well-prepared, fun, and affordable!

If you have any questions or comments please let us know in the comment section below! Also, if you find a mistake/error somewhere on this site please let us know as well, we appreciate any feedback and will be more than willing to fix it as soon as possible!