17 Stunning things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Twin Falls is surrounded by canyons, river streams, and waterfalls. Every hiking trail is interconnected. If you begin hiking at the southern path, you may exit at the eastern end. The city is home to the one highest bridge in the country, so lets start our list of things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho with this tourist attraction.

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Take pictures at the Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge was constructed in 1976. It is 1500 feet in length and stands 486 above the river. The famous testament to architectural bridge construction is named after the local businessman I.B. Perrine. He died in 1943 and left a flourishing legacy behind to accommodate jobs and growing business ventures.

If you are a fan of admiring megastructures that hover over water streams, this is the one to beat. It is a must-see encapsulation of the surrounding scenery. You can watch the kayakers below and gaze at the greenery of the vegetation below. The Perrine Bridge is a breath of fresh air to escape the city’s business.

While visiting the Perrine Bridge, take the Centennial Waterfront Park trail to discover the Snake River Canyon. You can look up to where you were before and enjoy views from both perspectives. If you pick the correct day, you can even admire BASE jumpers enjoying their craft.

Kayak at the Centennial Waterfront Park

Continue with the things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, visiting the CentennialWaterfront Park. The tourist spot is exceptionally scenic, with cliff views and a clear view of the Perrine Bridge. Tourists can pay for kayaking and paddleboarding on an upward river stream if they feel adventurous.

One more fun activity is to dissect the canyon by riding a zipline. There are four ziplines available for you to choose from. The aerial view of the zip line offers history, geology, and wildlife living at the Waterfront Park. It also provides family seating and a play setting for the children.

Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho: Snake River Canyon

Hike to the base of the canyon

Our list of things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, includes visiting numerous waterfalls. However, the trip is not complete without visiting the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. The mountain hike is present in the northern direction of the city. It is present at the height of 2000 feet.

You can admire the falls from the top of the Canyon Rim Trail. There is also a pathway that leads to the bottom of the trail. It concludes behind the waterfall.

The trail will keep you thoroughly engaged. It is filled with steep steps and stairways; you will also pass a few small waterfalls, which will translate into a mist if you are hiking on a hot summer’s day. The fork on the trail is full of twists and turns that are extremely accommodating to novice hikers.

Learn history at the Harrett Center for Arts and Science

Twin Falls is the home to an excellent museum. It is situated at the heart of the town, which is the main campus of the College of Southern Idaho. The museum showcases a wide range of natural history artifacts and a collection of anthropological displays exclusive to the university.

The tour at Harrett Center for Arts and Science begins with geological exhibits. It showcases the migration patterns of the earliest plants to bloom on the USA land. The tour also offers significant insight into the Native American’s history and lifestyle with an opportunity to examine Peruvian culture and artifacts.

Stroll at the Rock Creek

Add taking a stroll to the things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, to the most southwestern part of the city. The pathway creates a corridor that leads to Rock Creek. It is situated on a land area of 12 acres that dates back to the 1970s. Trace the canyon, and you will find the creek.

The trail begins in the downtown of the city. It paves through the Old Towne Parkway Trail, so you can reach the final park destination. It hosts utilities such as RV Park with 25 berths to accommodate travelers and tourists. It also has a disc golf course to enjoy. The athletes can run straight to the volley courts. Picnic tables have been installed sparsely to accommodate family picnics. There is something for everyone.

Fishing at the Dierkes Lake

Another sight-pleasing place to visit is Dierkes Lake. The terrain covers a massive area of 191 acres of land purchased by the Twin Falls municipal government in 1969. It is an excellent place to celebrate heat in the summer through June to August. There is also a concession stand if you are on a budget.

The lakes allow vehicles that are not motorized to preserve the water composition and the lake’s aquatic lifestyle. Water-related activities include a treasure chest hunt and rowboats. However, there are picnic tables, a playground for the children, on land, and a sheltered spot for grills so you can BBQ staying in the shade.

Mountain Bike at the Auger Falls

The city continues to preserve nature spots present in town. The Auger Falls is five miles from the famous Perrine Bridge. The Heritage Park preserves beautiful and sharp landscapes of bare rocks that construct the canyon’s topography.

The Falls provides numerous hiking trails. The longest bike trail is four-mile-long that captures mesmerizing geological landscapes with gold mining interpretive signs. It’s as if you are on a treasure trail. Twin Falls purchased the Augert Falls in 2002 as a nature site. It is a small part of Mermaid Falls towards the northern route.

Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho: Golf


Golfing is one of the least expected things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho. However, the city offers an 18 hole golf course for your amusement. The golf course is located at the Snake River Canyon base and provides a majestic view of the surroundings. Golfers are encouraged to schedule tee time online, so they can relax and play golf without much foot traffic around.

After playing golf, visit the bar and grill available for delicious food. The built-in eating establishment offers a wide range of sandwiches, entrees, and drinks. The food is prepared by a highly competent culinary staff. The management does not compromise the quality of services on the golf course.

Enjoy the local culture at County Fair

Attending the county fair has to be a top mention in the things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho. This event is considered an epicenter of the western activities in the region. It is held at the beginning of September for five days. The county fair has been continuously held in the city since 1916. It has become a landmark activity that the residents look forward to every year.

The county fair hosts carnival rides, vendors who sell their art, a live petting zoo, and livestock competitions to celebrate the local farmers. The fair displays the dated farming machinery, monster truck exhibits, and the demolition derby.

360 Canyon View

While visiting Twin Falls, you must visit the Twin Falls Visiting Center. It is an excellent start to your trip with scenic views of Canyon and Perrine Bridge. The architecture is completely encased with glass. The ceilings and walls are entirely made of glass to offer a 360 view of the entire scenery.

The center is operated by the Cooper Norman Agriculture Heritage Plaza, one of the most diverse agricultural societies present in Twin Falls. As soon as you step inside, the visitors are greeted by a help desk. Brochures and pamphlets are distributed so you can learn more about the place.

Pillar Falls

Hike at the Pillar Falls

Add visiting the Pillar Falls to the list of the things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho. The spot is located in the eastern direction of the city. Pillar Falls is smaller than Shoshone Falls, but it is a spectacular spot. The river is divided by a series of giant boulders embedded in the stream next to the 1.1-mile trekking trail. The hike is tricky and also offers kayaking opportunities for the adventurous. You can Kayak from the central point of the Waterfront Park to approach the Pillars.

Eat at Buffalo Café 

After all the hiking and kayaking, you are bound to become hungry. Therefore, head straight to the Buffalo Café to feast. The café provides a very welcoming and homey feeling to its diners. It is the most Idaho business you will ever experience while eating.

The café offers a vegan-friendly menu while accommodating meat lovers. Buffalo Café serves homemade bakery items and freshly homemade jam from strawberries, apricot, and other berries. The café is well known for its American-style comfort food, widely popular among tourists and local residents.

Jump at Jump Time

A fun activity for adults and kids alike is to jump. Twin falls hosts a group activity about jumping at the Jump Time. It is a complete indoor attraction that was opened in 2013. The business has placed multiple trampolines surrounded by foam seas to cushion the jumping impact. Jump Time also has dodgeball and a dunking court, which is especially popular among the youngsters.

Jump Time is highly proposed for children searching for exercise and socializing opportunities with friends. The adults are equally invited to join in the fun after a hectic week at work.

Relax in a hot spring

If you have not relaxed in a hot spring, add it to the things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho. The hot springs are unique when searching for the perfect activity to blow off some steam while vacationing. One of the places to visit is called Miracle Hot Springs. It is an outdoor spa that is especially welcoming to tourists who have never experienced hot springs before.

Visitors are led to a private natural tool where they can relax. The facility does not charge much against its services and is priced very reasonably. Similar places are Campground at the Springs Golf Course and the Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs.

Drinking at Elevation 486

One of the best food-related spots to visit is called Elevation 486. It offers an entirely unique experience than your average restaurant. The bar has been strategically constructed at the edge of the canyon, so you can admire the breathtaking views while drinking your favorite drink. Turn your head, holding the same glass in your hand, to admire the Pioneer Range, Pomerelle, and Soldier Mountain.

The drinking hole offers a happy hour that begins late into the night until six in the morning. You can meet the special someone you have dreamed of over a delicious meal, or just watch your favorite sports team be victorious on the television screen.

Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho: Downtown

Downtown, Twin Falls, Idaho

The downtown of Twin Falls is the epicenter of its economic activities. It is always busy with heavy incoming traffic. Therefore, if you wish to visit downtown, take a cab or go on foot. Downtown hosts 43 historical buildings to admire. These buildings are located close to each other so you can take photographs or learn about them in one round.

Cities that welcome tourists are already booming in eating and drinking establishments. Therefore, there is no surprise that Twin Falls offers a diverse meal menu accommodating every culture and nation. The restaurants cook with authentic ingredients that are especially popular among visitors from home countries.

Shopping at Magic Valley Mall

The buildings are a blend of historical and modern architecture. There are theaters, boutiques, vintage stores for antiquing, breweries to enjoy local craft beers, and the finest restaurants the city has to offer.

If you wish to visit one place with all the shops you want to see, take a trip to the Magic Valley Mall. It was opened in 1986 and carried all the major brands such as Barnes&Nobles, American Eagle, J.C. Penny, and many other American and International brands.

Final thoughts on our list of things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho

The activities and things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, are incredibly diverse. The activities range from the county fair to eating and drinking above a canyon, mountain biking, golfing, and so much more. Most importantly, vacationing in Twin Falls is very friendly to the wallet, which is the first factor many consider for vacation.

If you want to find out more about Twin Falls, Idaho, check out their official website.

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