14 Things to do in St. George, Utah

St George is situated in the southwestern region of the state of Utah. It is filled with sand dunes, reservoirs, and cliffs. This means that there are a lot of things to do in St. George, Utah. The standard of living is five percent less than the national living average. Therefore, it will not break the bank when you vacation in St. George to visit the following places:

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Things to do in St. George, Utah

Downtown, St. George

On top of things to do in St. George, Utah, is visit the historically-filled downtown. The downtown area is filled with historic landmarks and buildings that date back centuries, including art galleries, museums, and federal buildings. As we know, no trip is complete without visiting the historical sites!

Additionally, the downtown farmers market is accessible from May until October. While you are downtown shopping at the farmers market, buying fresh vegetables and warm-to-the-touch eggs, all the shopping is guaranteed to make you hungry. Visit the local restaurants to satisfy your belly before heading home or continue shopping by visiting the local boutiques.

Saint George Temple

Second, on our list of things to do in St. George, Utah, is the historic site that attracts the most tourists. The majestic white building stands at 175 feet in height. It was built by Truman O. Angell, and what a sight it is! The temple alone is a single representation of the architecture present in the quaint city of St. George.

The architecture of Saint George Temple represents a certain gothic mystique because of its grand scale. It was completed in 1877 and continues to be a landmark historical site to this day. The temple gardens are a beautiful sight for a stroll with tall trees and fountains. It’s a breath of fresh air.

George Tabernacle

The historical things to do in St. George, Utah, continue with the visit to the St. George Tabernacle. It was constructed in 1876 as a public court to schedule hearings and solve legal matters. Now it is used to host public events such as exhibits, shows, and concerts. The building is still very appealing architecturally, even though it was built almost a century ago. It is hugely indulged in history and makes for an excellent location to visit.

The St. George Tabernacle provides tours to the locals and tourists to enrich them with the knowledge and history left behind. The place is perfect for hosting musical shows due to the absence of echoes.

Air Balloon Ride

Not to worry, if you are an outsider with a zest for adventures, St. George is the place for you as well. You may participate in the air balloon tours provided at North Circle Street. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in St. George, Utah. The views from atop of the air balloon are thrilling and nothing less than memorizing. 

You can capture the soaring views of southern Utah views on your phone or share it live with your virtual audience. The crew is present as guides to convey facts about the buildings and memorials that appear in the balloon ride path. You might want to listen to the team carefully because there are rewards at the end for active listeners.

Art Community Center

Other memorable things to do in St. George, Utah, include celebrating art. The Kayenta Art Village or the Coyote Gulch Art is a community art palace. It hosts gift shops, art studios, art galleries, and cafes. It invites a community of artists to come together to celebrate their favorite activity—self-expression through color. It continues to inspire local and traveling artists. 

Once you are at the Coyote Gulch Art Center, you may feel lost entirely looking at ceramics, sculptures, and paintings; each with a unique brushstroke and a background story. If only they could talk…

Paragon Adventures

Another athletic activity for the adrenaline seekers is going on tours provided by Paragon Adventures. It is an agency that offers heart-pumping hiking and climbing tours. They are also well known for hosting mountain biking races as well. 

The agency guides you through the places to experience the local wilderness. If you are hesitant about getting hurt, the staff is medically trained to keep you safe to focus on enjoying yourself. Paragon Agency offers overnight trips, zip-lining activities, and canoeing too. 

Quail Creek State Park

The next item on our list of things to do in St. George, Utah is a place that tourists visit very often. The Quail Creek State Park is a great place to swim, row with friends, or fish. The park hosts a reservoir based on 600 acres of land area. The water is a beautiful sight against rocks surfacing out of the pool. 

The reservoir is a generous host to many types of fish. You can try your luck fishing the crappie, bullhead catfish, and other similar fishes. Some of these fish live in the deepest depths of the reservoir at 120 feet. Be sure to bring your A-game for boating and rowing activities. 

The celebration of art does not stop here. Another art-related tourist attraction is the Sears Art Museum Gallery. It was founded in 2004 under the leadership of Dixie State University. The gallery is famous for hosting numerous events and exhibits to promote awareness about welfare causes.

The museum is filled with modern and experimental art exhibits. It offers a balanced blend of numerous types of art to learn from and admire. There is always a diverse collection on display, so be sure to visit this art haven. In addition to regular activities, the Seats Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale is held every February for art lovers.

things to do in St. George, Utah: Sand Hallow Park

Sand Hallow Park

Sand Hallow is the true testament to the natural beauty present on earth. It is comprised of sand nudes and red rocks. In addition, the orange and red blend creates a rainbow underneath your feet like nowhere before. The park provides numerous activities for nature lovers and adrenaline seekers alike.

If you choose to hike, Sand Hallow offers numerous trails so you can hike up to reach the top of the world. Begin with an ATV tour alongside the sandy dunes. You can also do horseback riding, swimming, and kayaking in the reservoir. There are endless options present for you to enjoy the day.

Red Hills Desert Garden

Have you ever heard of a desert garden? There is one present locally, and it must be on your list of things to do in St. George, Utah. It is not large, just five acres, but the abundance of variety beats the restricted space. It is filled with over 5,000 desert plants that cannot grow in usual landscapes. 

The visitors travel through the desert garden via a well-marked maze which keeps them separate and safe from cacti and other thorny plants. The stepping stones provide a contemporary feel toward walking through a desert. Moreover, the desert garden also hosts a fish exhibit. 

Fio's Culinary Adventures

Fio’s Culinary Adventures

However, visit Fio’s Culinary Adventures if you are extra adventurous to satisfy your growling stomach. This talented restaurant is owned by Fio Antognini, a creative Swiss chef. The restaurant takes reservations to exclusively create fine meals for the attending party. The attendees enjoy an exquisite meal while admiring the local sunset scenery. 

Fio and his long-term wife also teach cooking classes, where guests are most welcome to join and learn. Their private kitchen inspires culinary masterpieces with tours and a question-and-answer session after the course.

Sand Hollow Aquatic Center

Now it’s time to grab your fins and snorkels, and let’s visit the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. Its numerous water-related reactionary activities will keep your children busy so you can take a break. It is a beautiful place for your children to make friends while playing in the water. It’s nice to take a break from hiking and mountain biking and do something relaxing.

The aquatic center is filled with lily pads, shallow pools, and whirlpools for the children. The adults, however, get to experience heart-pumping water slides and water jets. The collections are refreshing, the themes are lovely, and the playground is just perfect for a family well-spent day. 

Cliffside Restaurant

After a beautiful day spent shopping, hiking, painting, and water-sliding, it is time to feast so your roaring stomach may find peace. Head to the Cliffside Restaurant for some yummy grub. The restaurant is well known for its diversified menu and long drink list. If you feel you are missing out on the local views, reserve a table with a patio set so you can admire the sky, landscape, architecture, or sunsets while you eat. 

Cliffside Restaurant is most famous for its pear pasta, lemon-lime drink, and hurricane chicken. Order the molten lava cake to complete your culinary adventure at this fine establishment.

George Discovery Site

The St. George Discovery Site is an excellent location to satisfy inquisitive young minds about the extinct animals that lived and breathed on our planet millennia ago. It is a landmark feature for discovering fossil-fueled fish and plants that once inhabited the area. There are also dinosaurs’ footprints present from 200 years ago.

The site has also erected life-sized dinosaur figures that paint a realistic picture from ages ago about their built and grand scale. The children can visit the Dino mark to excavate fossils, follow a trail of dinosaur footprints, and play on dinosaur-inspired swings.

The final words on the best things to do in St. George, Utah

St George is the perfect location to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, couple getaways, and employee retreat as vacation deals. It is a diverse city that offers various activities from painting to hiking to fishing. You will be most satisfied upon visiting. 

There are lots more things to do in St. George, Utah. If you want to learn more about this beautiful destination, visit their official website.

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