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things to do in livingston mt

If you are on your way to Montana, then here are our favorite things to do in Livingston MT.

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Things to do in Livingston MT

When was the last time you visited Livingston, MT? Or is it your first to visit? Are you planning to explore the best of Livingston with your loved ones? No matter what your situation is, Livingston, MT, is a beautiful place to visit.

Once you reach the end of the beaten track, you will find Livingston, Montana. It is the largest community in Paradise Valley and caught between very and between cowboys. If you want a break from stress and noise, you will definitely fall in love with this place.

Being the gateway to Paradise Valley, this destination has been a stop through an area that will lead to Bozeman and Yellowstone. Apart from being the home to International Fly Fishing Federation’s museum, Livingston is also rich in local history and an ideal place to explore different attractions.

To get new ideas on how you can enjoy your next vacation in Montana, below are some of the things to do in Livingston, MT:

1. Bring Back the History

When visiting a place or destination, it’s always a nice idea to learn its history. That, you’ll appreciate it even more.

The Yellowstone Gateway Museum will help you learn the interesting history of Livingston and the outskirts. This museum can make you reminisce as well as appreciate the present time.

Interestingly, the Yellowstone Gateway Museum offers kid activities. Your little travel buddies can dress up either in firefighter outfits or period clothes. Using the train ticket, the kids can stamp out every stop they visited. Not only that, but they can also try playing in the firetruck.

Things to do in Livingston MT: Chico Hot Springs

2. Chill with Healing Waters

Situated between Yellowstone National Park and Livingston, the Chico Hot Springs are known for their healing waters. Blackfeet, Flathead, and Crow are the Native American tribes who frequented the pools. Later on, the area became a spot for gold miners.

Today, the Chico Hot Springs also offer lodging options. You can choose from a camp in a Conestoga wagon, a luxury cabin on the hill, or a restored railroad caboose. While you are bathing in the natural mineral hot spring, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Emigrant Peak.

3. Visit the Breweries

If beer is a huge part of your life, then the two breweries in Livingston are worth your time.

Located in downtown Livingston, Katabatic Brewing Company is a popular brewery. On Tuesdays, it offers beers for a cause. A couple of nights a week, visitors can enjoy live music.

The Neptune’s Brewery is known for its great beers combined with a low-key atmosphere. In case you want sushi and other foods like hamburger and sashimi apart from beer, then head your way to Neptune’s Taphouse. For dinner with a beautiful view, you can try the rooftop deck.

4. Let’s Go Fishing!

Your Montana adventure is never complete without fly fishing. In other words, one of the best ways to enjoy your entire Livingston trip is doing this outdoor activity.

At the pick-up zone, a guide will meet you and drive you down the river. For the next few hours, you will find yourself enjoying fly fishing from the boat. If you are over 16, you need to get a fishing license. Be aware that only two people can ride the boat and go fishing.

Things to do in Livingston MT: Cactus Blossom Collective

5. Shop at Collective Store

Part of traveling is shopping for interesting items from certain destinations. As you visit Livingston, do not forget to make the Cactus Blossom Collective part of your itinerary.

This collective store was started by Jessi Konley and Kristi Reed back in 2016. The purpose of this store is to provide retail space and shared work for female entrepreneurs and artisans.

Reed loves vintage clothing and has a collection of Pendleton flannels, flower-print dresses, and high-waisted Wrangler jeans. As for Konley, she sews unique leather bags using salvaged fabrics. Materials like elk hide, vintage chenille brocade, and old western blankets are also used.

At the back of Cactus Blossom Collective, her sister-in-law and a former ballerina, Jordan Reed Boyd, sews swimsuits and custom leotards. Katie Sisum, a stained-glass artist, sells handblown glass art, which is inspired by the Yellowstone.

Things to do in Livingston MTL Pinky's Cafe

6. Take A Bite of Pancakes

Pinky’s Cafe, also known as “Destination Pancake”, is not just the local’s favorite, but also the tourists when it comes to pancakes. This is where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, bacon, and eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice, and of course, pancakes.

After a night of dancing and letting different drinks flow down your throat at one of the bars in Livingston, you can stop at the Pinky’s Cafe. If you love pancakes the same way as the locals, then never miss this Cafe.

7. Try Some Hearty Sandwiches

If the pancake isn’t your thing, how about sandwiches? The Pickle Barrel and Matt’s Shop and Deli are two of the perfect places to order sandwiches.

The Pickle Barrel is a place to go if you are craving hearty sandwiches. These sandwiches are ideal for a quick lunch. Why not? They are huge, delicious sandwiches. In fact, you can get a free pickle for every sandwich.

When you go out on the river, do not forget to order sandwiches from Matt’s Butcher Shop and Deli. You can call this restaurant to pack you a lunch. Make sure to order your food the day before you want to explore the river, and you will get it ready in the morning.

8. Watch the Roundup Rodeo

Are you a fan of rodeo? If yes, Livingston will let you witness the live-action. Every 4th of July, thousands of people gather together to watch the Livingston Rodeo.

Almost every year, this event sells out. After, Livingston is the premier and much-awaited rodeo in the entire state of Montana. You can also enjoy the fireworks display every night, and it adds interest to the rodeo event.

Photo by Carroll Van West

9. Don’t Forget to Take A Picnic

Another great place on our list of things to do in Livingston, MT, is a park. If you want to chill out, eat the popular Livingston food, enjoy the scenic view, then take a picnic with your loved ones at the Sacajawea Park.

The Sacajawea Park is a perfect spot for a picnic if you want mountains and the Yellowstone River as background. You can order food from famous Cafe and restaurant or even pack a lunch. Under a huge tree, throw out a blanket and feel the peaceful atmosphere. After enjoying the place’s tranquility, you can wander the trails, tennis courts, and playground.

10. Breakfast and Lunch

Well, your Livingston tour is never complete without tasting some of the locals’ favorite food.

Where to have a good breakfast or lunch? Just lead your way to Gil’s Goods. From Bozeman, the travel time is about 20 minutes. This restaurant used a wood-fired oven to produce mouthwatering pizza and baked goods,

Both locals and tourists consider the foods from Gil’s Goods to be out of this world. The restaurant focuses on using organic and local ingredients. So, it’s not surprising why the food it serves is delicious and healthy.

Gil’s Goods will give you a wonderful outdoor seating space with a modern farmhouse vibe. Since it is not too crowded, you can easily grab a table and enjoy your whole dining experience.

Photo by J. Stephen Conn

11. Float on the River

Would you like to have a nice float down the river? If it’s a yes, the Yellowstone River will welcome you.

Whether you are alone or with your family, floating on the Yellowstone River is an incredible outdoor activity you should not miss. During summer months, the water becomes warmer, and you can jump off to swim beside the boat.

12. Stroll Around the Livingston Art Walk

As summer months get closer, people are getting more excited about the Livingston Art Walks. To be exact, you can stroll around this spot every fourth Friday during the entire summer season. It will introduce you to a laid back vibe.

Meanwhile, do not miss to visit several art galleries that open their doors for this art walk. After all, your entire tour will be more meaningful as you wander the historic downtown area while appreciating art.

Are you looking for a spot in Livingston that will let you unwind while listening to music? Then, The Attic is a perfect place to make that happen.

The Attic is a historic building in Livingston, and space itself is undeniably cool. The original building is well-preserved, but updates also took place to make it a perfect music venue. This spot has a full bar and just right on Main Street.

Things to do in Livingston MT: The Attic

13. Unwind at The Attic

Are you looking for a spot in Livingston that will let you unwind while listening to music? Then, The Attic is a perfect place to make that happen.

The Attic is a historic building in Livingston, and space itself is undeniably cool. The original building is well-preserved, but updates also took place to make it a perfect music venue. This spot has a full bar and just right on Main Street.


When looking for a non-stop fun and memorable adventure, Livingston should be part of your bucket list. This destination is perfect for solo travelers and for the entire family who loves excitement and discoveries.

With so many things to do in Livingston, your entire trip is worthwhile. Do you feel like you need a vacation? Just do it then. Happy trip!

For more information about Livingston, MT, check out their official website.

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