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If you are visiting Minnesota, then here is our list of things to do in Two Harbors MN.

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Things to do in Two Harbors MN

Are you ready to explore Minnesota? Then, make sure to visit Two Harbors.

Nestling along the northern part of Lake Superior, Two Harbor is a perfect destination if you want to stay in town that lakeside, picturesque, and quaint with a rich history. This town will let you witness a beautiful break wall, huge ore docks, walking trail, and boat launch. If you want to see the last working lighthouse of North Shore, this is a place to visit.

Before you pack your things and invite your travel buddies, below are valuable ideas of things to do in Two Harbors Mn:

1. Take A Trail

When it comes to the hiking trail, the Superior Hiking Trail is the most popular in Two Harbors. This 310-mile long footpath runs along the Lake Superior’s rocky ridgeline. It travels through a forest of fir, cedar, and pines and passes by the cascading waterfalls. You will also encounter rushing rivers and babbling brooks.

The breathtaking views of boreal forests and the Sawtooth Mountains await you. This trail offers about 93 backcountry campsites that are dispersed every five-eight miles.

The beach
Photo by Department Of Natural Resources MN

2. Feel the Wave

The second entry on our list of things to do in Two Harbors MN is the beach. Two Harbors is where you can find a beach with pink rocks. Instead of golden or white sand, Iona’s Beach will give you a shore that is covered with eye-catching pink rocks.

When you listen to the waves disturbing the rocks, it seems that the beach is singing. The pink rocks are like tinkling little bells once they resettle. Since it produces a soft sound, this is a nice spot for if you want to unwind and embrace tranquility.

The silent air and the calmness of the beach add a magical feel. The awe-inspiring pink rocks were formed from fallen pieces of rhyolite cliff. After years of erosion, the rocks worn and weathered, which resulted in a smooth texture.

The lighthouse

3. Explore A Lighthouse

While Split Rock Lighthouse no longer guides the sailors, it shines one night a year. That is to give honor to the famous shipwreck: Edmund Fitzgerald.

Completed in 1910, this cliffside lighthouse is built on a wall of rock overlooking the enchanting Lake Superior. It used to lit the lake coast until 1969. these days, it is run by the Minnesota Historical Society. When you visit this lighthouse, you can climb it after dark to witness the water radiating the memories the way it guided many sailors.

Vanilla Bean Restaurant
Photo by Vanilla Bean Restaurant

4. Taste the Classic American Fare

Next on our list of things to do in Two Harbors MN is something that will make your stomach happy. Nestling in the scenic town of Two Harbors along Highway 61, the Vanilla Bean Restaurant offers a brunch menu that features classic American fare. The place is a pastoral style home that takes pride in its mountain-cabin decor. The mini doughnuts, flavored sweet rolls, and Norwegian crepes are some of the savory, sweet selections.

Furthermore, the Vanilla Bean Restaurant also offers a few benedicts, two-egg breakfast classics, and oven-baked omelets. As for the specialty selection, you will enjoy every bite of Walleye Cakes and Eggs, which is a hearty breakfast. The lunch selections are made up of burgers. You can also order sandwiches and starters like salads, soups, and Border Battle Cheese Curds.

Betty's Pies
Photo by Betty’s Pies

5. Munch Homemade Pies

When craving for homemade pies, Betty’s Pies is an ideal place to visit to satisfy your taste buds, it has been in the business for 60 years and boasts a rustic, mountain-style home with brick and wood exterior.

The interior of Betty’s Pies features the 1950s styles combined with white and blue checkered flooring. The breakfast bar comes with oversized leather booths and swivel stools. This is where you can savor the traditional American cuisine, from breakfast to dinner.

The locals and tourists love the homemade pies that Betty’s offer. You can choose from three dozen pie selections with mouthwatering flavors such as Apple Crunch, Toffee Cream, 5 Layer Chocolate, and Butterfinger. The menu selections also include sandwiches, burgers, sweet griddle treats, skillets, and a variety of two-egg breakfast combos.


6. Open the World of Antiques

If you are into antiques, then never miss a chance to visit the North Shore Architectural Antiques. This 10,000-square foot antique shop is known to specialize in regional building materials from the 1850s to the 1950s.

As you visit this antique shop, you will find plenty of Arts & Crafts, early Art Deco, and Victorian decor. From DIY interior designers to professional restoration contractors, it offers interesting items for both residential and commercial spaces.

Historic Brick Building
Photo by Pete Markham

7. Discover The Historic Brick Building

If the topic is all about the historic brick building, people in Two Harbors will lead you to the Depot Museum. This destination is the former headquarters of Iron Range Railroad as well as the Duluth.

The building of the Depot Museum played a huge role in iron ore industry development throughout the region. These days, the building serves as a museum that displays the development of the county. The museum focuses on three main industries, such as iron mining, commercial fishing, and timber.

Gooseberry Falls
Photo by Department Of Natural Resources MN

8. Get Enchanted by the Falls

Situated in Lake Superior’s North Shore, the Gooseberry Falls State Park offers an eight-mile biking trail and 18-mile hiking trail. These two trails are connected to the 310-mile long Superior Hiking Trail.

This state park encircles the Gooseberry River’s mouth and includes the Upper, Middle, and Lower Gooseberry Falls. During winter seasons, you can go cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing. As for the visitor center, a gift shop, interpretative programs, and interesting exhibits are available. Then there’s the park where you can find some historical sites like the original bridge.

Things To Do In Two Harbors Mn - Palisade

9. Glimpse the Beauty of Coastal View

Also known as “Palisade Head”, the Hellacious Overlook is another destination that you should miss if you have a fondness to coastal view. This North Shore landmark is close to Silver Bay.

In order for you to reach this wonderful cliff, you need to access the lakeside road. After you exit off onto this road, carefully take the steep. Then, to reach the lookout, drive slowly up to the top of the coastal cliff. Don’t worry. You can find a small parking area.

This gorgeous cliff formation is made from volcanic rock. For sure, you will feel amazement as you take a glimpse of the stunning Lake Superior.

3M Office
Photo by McGhiever

10. Reminisce and Honor the Past

Have you ever heard about 3M? The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is a multinational conglomerate. To honor its original roots, the 3M Dwan Museum was created.

The museum is where you can find a valuable explanation of how the company defined the business model for research and development. It also exhibits how 3M became a global force employing about 90,000 people across the globe. Artifacts, documents, photos, a timeline of the company, and complete history are part of the exhibits. The office of Attorney John Dwan was also recreated. You will also find some hands-on interactive programs and technology applications.

Things To Do In Two Harbors Mn - Crafts

11. Learn New Craft

The next entry on the list of things to do in Two Harbors MN is artistic. Do you want to find interesting souvenirs while learning and helping? Then, the Northwoods Pioneer Gallery and Gifts will make that happen.

The Northwoods opened in 1972 and started operating by small local craft organizations. In order for low-income families and the elderly, it was created. It helped the locals to bring their crafts to the market and provide crafts activities and educational arts to other locals and visitors.

These days, the Northwoods is open to local artisans, regardless of their age and income. The cooperative members run it. These members provide the sharing of their trade techniques and demonstration of their crafts. When you visit the facility, you can learn painting, beading, woodworking, or wheat weaving.


12. Get A Therapeutic Massage

After exploring different sites in Two Harbors, you can pamper yourself by getting a body massage. The Purple Lotus provides a variety of therapeutic massage. You can also take advantage of bodywork.

Situated in the heart of Two Harbors, the Purple Lotus offers a tranquil space where you can relax and forget about your stresses in life. When you enter the building, you will find an earthy oasis with a comfortable seating area and creative hardwood floors. The private Zen room takes pride in its Japanese garden atmosphere.

You can choose from different massage services such as Raindrop, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Sports, and Pregnancy. For your hands and feet, you can try the paraffin wax treatment. Besides, head and scalp massages and aromatherapy are also available.

Things to do in Two Harbors MN - Coffee Shop

13. Take A Sip of Coffee

The last entry on our things to do in Two Harbors MN itinerary is a coffee shop. Surrounded by gorgeous woods, the Cedar Coffee Company is housed in a mountain-style home that is wood-paneled. It takes pride in large floor-to-ceiling windows. It has family-style communal picnic tables that are found in the expansive backyard area.

The Cedar Coffee Company has modern design combined with a rustic vibe that is highlighted by colorful artworks in the walls and bikes dangled from the ceiling. You can choose from different coffee selections. Non-coffee menu is also available where you can dine for breakfast and lunch.


When you visit Minnesota, don’t miss a chance to explore the Two Harbors. From historical sites to natural attractions, you can create an unforgettable vacation experience. Of course, do not forget to try the town’s food specialties.

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