Do you need a vacation? Of course, you do!

You need a vacation

Do you need a vacation? Lately, you don’t feel at ease. Physically, you are very active, but something is happening. Something changed. It is very difficult for you to focus both at work and on daily tasks. You feel like postponing all your daily activities and spending your time looking at pictures from previous vacations.

If you are in this situation, check the list below and see how many situations you fall into. If you fall into some of them, it is time to take a vacation as soon as possible.

You can’t concentrate on your daily tasks.

Do you feel that you can no longer focus on daily tasks and that you are left behind with reports, presentations? Does the deadline no longer mean anything to you and every task you receive is an ordeal?

Instead of working, you prefer to dream with your eyes open to the beach with fine sand and crystal clear water, to high mountains covered with snow, or to anything other than what you have to do at that moment.

If it sounds familiar, you need a vacation.

Your travel photos

You review the pictures from the last holidays and you miss those moments.

When it comes to memories, pictures perfectly fulfill this purpose. Think about how much time you spend to select the perfect picture to upload on Facebook. The selection process is a rigorous one, and only the best pictures reach your profile on social networks.

When you miss the holidays and the moments of relaxation, you try to relive those moments by reviewing the photos from previous holidays. With each picture, you sigh and look forward to the next vacation with boundless lust.

YouTube is your new search engine for vacations and destinations.

Every time you feel exhausted, you take refuge in videos related to more and more exotic holiday destinations. Each video makes you want to watch one more, and that’s how the hours go by.

Moreover, you have started to follow other travelers and you are looking forward to posting new videos from various destinations that you would like to explore as well.

You read travel journals from others.

Every once in a while, you used to read your favorite authors. You enjoyed philosophy, science fiction, or even poems. But ever since traveling was placed on hold, you only read travel journals and check out what others write on their travel blogs.

Even though you enjoy reading what others experience, you can’t help but feel a bit of envy that you can’t join them.

Hawaii Beach

Out of nowhere, you can’t help but wonder what time it is in Hawaii.

Although it won’t do you any good, you can’t help but wonder how’s the weather in Hawaii or what time it is in Thailand. It appears that you are no longer in control of your thoughts and images of sunny beaches appear in front of your eyes.

Not that it’s any good for you, but when it’s pouring outside, your mind wanders to warmer and sunny places. This is why whenever it’s raining, thinking about Cuba or other exotic places, is the first thing that comes to mind.

Never miss a travel deal.

As a subscriber to many travel blogs and travel agency websites, the first thing you do when you wake up, right after you get your fresh cup of coffee, is check what travel deals are live.

Although you cannot travel at the moment, you can only hope that the prices will stay the same and that you will get an incredible deal and finally reach an exotic destination. Laying on the beach in the sun is the only thing that can pull you out of your daily routine.

Pad Thai

You crave exotic and foreign food.

Another sign that you need a vacation is the fact that food at home no longer tastes the same. It’s like craving a portion of Pad Thai noodles, a souvlaki, or even some tacos. All these desires come from the desire to be in other places than at home.

It looks like you would eat almost anything else but the food you eat on a daily basis.

A map of the world

Your house, your rules.

On one of the walls in your home, there is a giant map of the world. You also have a globe on your desk, because that is the best way to see where a destination actually is. Everywhere you look, souvenirs have a well-defined place. Whether it’s shells, magnets, or pictures, souvenirs are always in plain sight.

All in all, no matter how great your enthusiasm, no matter how tired you may be and no matter how much you need a vacation, you have to keep your feet on the ground until you leave and think about things. … worldly. That is, to those who shelter you even on vacation. Or especially then.

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