The 22 Best Things to Do in Orlando, Florida


Are you looking for things to do in Orlando this weekend? Or do you want to see more of Florida? Besides theme parks, what other things await in Orlando?

General Information

Orlando is like a door to a world of things merry and round. It is waiting for you to explore it. It has the most exciting cafes in the world situated in streets that have the presence of greens around it. It also houses the most beautiful museums one can ever go to. Art is alive in Florida. Sport is also very much participating in the Orlando living. Its sunshine can go for 233 days annually, and going there means getting used to resort pools. There are a lot of beautiful things in Florida, beautiful things that are yet to unfold as beautiful memories.

Things to do in Orlando, Florida

The city has a lot of more beautiful stories to offer. If you are looking for a place that will complete your vacation experience, Orlando might just be the best choice for you! Well, here is a list of the best things to do in Orlando:


ICON Orlando in Florida

Do you find yourself asking, what are the things to do near me? Are you a local wanting to know more things to do in Orlando, Florida? Do you want to observe the best of the east coast? This can bring you at an all-time high, literally. It can reach up to 400 ft. tall, giving you a good view of the east coast. You will be able to see all the grand things of the Floridian skyline while feeling all the wind through your hair.

Having seen most of Orlando means experiencing the most of this magical place. With the 360 views, ICON Orlando makes itself perfect for your romantic getaways. It gives enough privacy so that your get-together will be more enjoyable. The best time to go there is during sunset.

You can grab some drinks if you feel like it and have dinner at one of the priciest entertainment fields just below the observation wheel. If you feel you want more or you want to show that you are very brave to your partner, you can go to Orlando Star-Flyer for more thrills. This observation wheel will surely make you feel happy and amazed!


Universal Orlando Resort

If you feel that you want to experience the presence of witches and wizards that you see in Marvel films, this legendary resort might just pique your best interest. Truly, of all the things to do in Orlando, this is a must-try! Walt Disney World is waiting for you! This is best suitable for family bonding where you can bring your parents, family, film fans as well as kids!

Ever been addicted to the world of Harry Potter? How about transformers? Or have you dreamed about the adventures of Spiderman? Create your plan on what you want to do at Universal Orlando Resort! It has Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure that will surely wake the fangirl or fanboy in you! Create a plan as it is easy to get lost as you walk around this magical place. You can visit the Universal Orlando Resort, and you will surely love the wizarding world!


Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Besides theme parks, Orlando, Florida, also has something for universe and space exploration enthusiasts! For all the science enthusiasts out there, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is very much the place for you. You are able to see what it takes to become an astronaut or what it means to live like an astronaut.

This place will give you an experience of what it is like to live in space. They have very advanced interactive exhibits showing off augmented reality and holograms that are inspired by the movie Star Wars. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit and a featured Shuttle Launch Experience, which really gives you the premium experience of an astronaut except, of course, taking a flight away from our beloved Earth.


Walt Disney World Resort

At least once in our childhood, we dreamed of visiting anything Walt Disney-related. The truth is that the magnificence of Walt Disney’s influences so much of our childhood. If you are a fan of Walt Disney, then this place is just for you.

It has four theme parks and two water parks. You will really be the happiest as you visit the “happiest place on Earth”. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and it is that main attraction when it comes to  Orlando. Its four famous theme parks are Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. EPCOT will really give you that different vibe as it has its Segway Ride. In addition, the Animal Kingdom, as its name sounds, will give you the wildlife experience that you are looking for, plus it has Wild Africa Trek that you should really try!

Winter Park

Winter Park has really evolved so much lately. Initially, the north of Orlando was reserved for the wealthy ones. In the present, the north of Orlando is catering to independent business owners as well as restaurants that you should really visit while you are at it. You can find pastries, high-end footwear as well as delish dishes in this winter park.

There is also a history museum called the Winter Park History Museum where you can go to if you feel that you are done shopping. Prato and the Ravenous Pig are among your best options when it comes to the food experience. Surely you should add this as one of the things to do in Orlando!

things to do in orlando: disney springs

Disney Springs

When it comes to Disney, there is never too much of it. Disney Springs is formerly known as the Downtown Disney of Orlando, which has become the home for entertainment and best dining options. There are fun activities starting from sunrise to sunset. You can also experience the bird’s eye view of the surrounding wonders since Disney Springs has the world’s largest hand-painted helium balloon.

Make sure that you are up for the variety of available food options there! They have multiple dishes offered by vendors. You can also check out their vintage Edison, which has the most competitive cocktails when it comes to taste.

If you want to be entertained in the adult way, they also feature aerialist, cabaret-style dances, DJs, and stilt walkers. Disney Springs is indeed a world of fun and is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime!


Gatorland in Florida houses lots of wildlife which will surely awake the exhilaration among the visitors. Guests have an opportunity to face their fears as they watch the alligators, or even wrestle them.

If you do not feel like wrestling alligators, there are still lots of fun activities like the Screaming Gator Zip Line, which is a 30 mph ride, high over the alligators present in the park. You also have the opportunity to feed baby alligators since Gatorland offers the Trainer-for-a-Day program.

Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando Museum of Art has some of the best artworks ever made, ranging from African art extending to the Art of Ancient Americas. It was first opened in 1924 with the goal to bring art to the public, to improve their knowledge about art and to have them learn more about it. Hence, the museum is also one of Orlando’s cultural pillars.

Orlando may be home to a lot of theme parks, and even when you hear theme parks, you would initially think about Orlando, but it is also home to the grandest art experiences available. It has collections of ancient and contemporary art. Moreover, you can also see Tiffany glass, jewelry, and ceramics safely kept inside it.

lake eola

Lake Eola Park

If you are looking for that serene feeling within you, Lake Eola Park, with its Centennial Fountain, has been one of the centers of the city. The earliest people in Orlando happened to wash their cattle with an abundance of water supply.

If you plan to go jogging or to fulfill your fitness goals, visiting Lake Eola could be one of the good options for you. You could have your afternoon walk and just peacefully enjoy living the Floridian life.

things to do in orlando: seaworld

Seaworld Orlando

If you are the type of tourist that like resorts, lagoons, and pools where you are able to bond with dolphins, yes dolphins, then this is really one of the best places that you can go to! Not only dolphins, but you can also interact with stingrays.

If you are a food lover, then this could be one of the options for you, since the ticket includes all-you-can-eat type of deals. The good thing about this is the Discovery Cove only allows up to 1,300 guests per day, which means that the aquarium will not be too crowded, so you don’t have to worry about that. You will not have to worry about fighting for a good spot in the sandy shores since the number of guests is limited. You can also take part in an underwater walking tour aside from being able to swim with dolphins. This is truly a paradise waiting for you as its visitor!

new smyrna beach

New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna can be found among the Central Atlantic Coast. You should include this as the best of Orlando besides theme parks. The community prides on the amazing white sand beaches and the island living featuring artsy shops and outdoor coffee shops.

A lot of tourists come here basically because a lot of beaches are very close to each other. It is near the Cocoa beach, so some of the locals go back and forth between the two beaches. New Smyrna Beach is among the best places in the United States, where locals walk around the beach until they find the right spot lay in the sun. This beach is also known to be an adrenaline junkie heaven since it is near Ponce Inlet, which is the best spot for surfing. JB’s Fish Camp is also a hit since it offers bonding time with the dolphins and manatees.

orlando ballet

Music Venues in Downtown Orlando

Tourists and locals can watch the Orlando Ballet, as well as touring Broadway productions in Downtown Orlando. This art center is located at the very heart of Orlando. Do not miss the chance of witnessing strikingly hit productions in the three theaters available.

Moreover, Dr. Phillips presents the chance to interact with the actresses on stage. There are also dance masterclasses that you can take part in along with the Broadway performers. You can also wait for the interactive nights, where you can freely interact with the actors.



Kissimmee is located south of Orlando. It is just northwest of Lake Toho. This place is famous for the many theme parks available in the area, so if you want to enjoy theme parks or just relax, the Kissimmee is the right place for you. It also has a lot of playgrounds where you can relive your childhood. Its walking paths, the 32-mile long mountain bike trail, called Shingle Creek Regional Trail, along with the airboat ride make it a great tourist attraction.

Thornton Park

This park will get your mood up as it offers a trendy, as well as an electric vibe. It has lots of bars and restaurants around the East Central Boulevard where you can have the enjoying night out that you deserve. Graffiti Junktion is there if you plan just to have a relaxed dinner partnered with drinks. They have a burger bar that is if you want to grab a bite. If you love wine, Lake Eola Wine Co. is there to fulfill your wine needs. For beer lovers, the World of Beer is the perfect place to serve a cold beer.

Forever Florida

Forever Florida is a conservation area that reaches up to 4700 acres. It is just one hour from downtown Orlando and will surely delight those who love nature. You can explore the wild without having to go out of your way. You are able to experience horseback riding and zip lining here.

You can also check out Peregrine Plunge. Its zipline will surely amaze you because of its dizzying height of 1300 ft. If you want to try freefall, which offers a unique experience, Panther Pounce is the right place to do it. It does not have any panthers though. But it does have big cats, alligators, black bears, and white-tailed deer, and if you want to have a closer look at them, you can jump on a trail buggy, and it will offer you a better view of the wild.

Big-Brand Designer Outlets

If you are an aspiring fashion icon, or just really want to up your fashion game, Orlando has three outlets that offer brand name fashion items.

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and Orlando International Premium Outlets offer well-established brand items from the fashion industry. Brands range from Hugo Boss, Burberry, and most likely any other brand name you can think of.

In addition, Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores offers line-ups and free shuttle bus for up to sixty beautiful hotels in Orlando. Oh, and wait, make sure to also spend some time at the Mall at Millenia, which offers Prada, YSL, and Breitling.

harry p. leu gardens

Harry P. Leu Gardens

Harry P. Leu Gardens is a really great place to relax. It is a botanical paradise that is close to downtown Orlando. It was first established in the 1930s by a local industrialist. From the beginning, all Mr. Leu’s efforts were focused to find rare plants, as well as seeds, to support the project.

You can find tropical, as well as semi-tropical, gardens across the 50 acres of land. It is also beautifully landscaped and has lots of ancient trees, some of which are 200-year-old, as well as an abundance of camellias. Some plants also blossom at a specific time of the year, which could signify that the view in the gardens also changes.

It is not expensive to experience this botanical paradise as the entrance fee is only $10 for adults, $5 for kids, and is free for children under three years.

mary queen of the universe

Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe

If you want to spend some time to reflect and think of how you have been lately, this statue is really your safe haven. This was originally built for Catholic tourists that visited Orlando, however now, even if you are not really that religious, it is worth visiting this place. The architecture is really beautiful, and the Shrine Museum has some of the best religious artworks around the world. You will feel more relaxed after your visit to the Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe.

orlando soccer

World-class Sporting Events

It is true that Orlando is really home to all things you could ever imagine. Aside from theme parks and art centers, it is also home to competitive sports. Starting with professional basketball to soccer, you are able to find a whole lot of professionals and semi-professionals athletes.

Have you ever heard of the Orlando Magic? Or the Orlando City Soccer Club? Or the women’s pride, which is Orlando Pride or Orlando Solar Bears? They are all bearing the name of Orlando, and you can watch these teams play at the Amway Center or at the Exploria Stadium. It is not that far from downtown Orlando. These sports centers are also near Church Street Station, which is also an entertainment hub where you can find restaurants and bars.

revolution off road

Revolution Off-Road Adventures

Revolution Off-Road will certainly get your adrenaline levels up. They have All-Terrain Vehicles, a Mucky Duck, and a dune buggy that will surely complete your Orlando experience. Your adrenaline levels will go up, as this site is sticking to its promise of offering you the best off-road experience and a hint of mud on the side. Aside from that, you can also race with your colleagues. Another thing you cand do is take some fishing and archery lessons while you are there.

things to do in orlando: house of blues

House of Blues Orlando

Are you looking for ways to experience more of the local culture of Orlando? Do you want to have a very in-depth feel of what it is like to be in the scenery of Orlando music? House of Blues in Orlando is just the right one for you. You are able to enjoy music in a place where many award-winning performances took place over the years. Top blues musicians usually perform to delight us with their beautiful songs. They post their schedule online, and you may want to check them out early, in order to be able to attend the performance of your sought-after artist. Many famous musicians are performing, tickets will be sold out pretty fast.

There are lots of restaurants and bars located near the House of Blues in Orlando. With this, you will be able to fulfill your food and drink cravings, without spending much time to get to something to eat. They also have happy hour offers in the restaurants, which will allow you to get great deals for complete meals. Great food, great drinks, and relaxing music What more can you ask for? A night in the House of Blues is a night filled with sensory satisfaction.

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Here is an addition to the things to do in Orlando! You can be sure that you will feel the southern lifestyle in this area and you will get to know more about the 562 nationally protected species within the United States. You will have an immersive experience and understand what it means to protect wildlife. You can also enjoy their Kayak specials, touring in the bioluminescent lagoon, witness the crystal clear Indian River, and experience a whole lot of wildlife beauty.

Orlando, Florida, is indeed amazing with everything it has to offer. You can add any of these tourist attractions to your list of things to do in Orlando during a weekend or on holiday.

Visit Orlando to see the beauty of the Floridian lifestyle, culture, music, activities, and wildlife.


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